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Research Priorities

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Research Priorities

COSORI is an independent research organization that focuses on a broad range of topics related to community wellbeing. Three attributes play a large role in wellbeing: connectedness, livability, and equity. To fully study community health and wellbeing, we are systematically exploring each of these three attributes in different studies and contexts for variables that contribute to community wellbeing.

Connectedness + Wellbeing

Connection is fostered by a community’s social networks and meaningful relationships that: 

  • Offer social support 
  • Enhance social trust and security
  • Promote quality of life
  • Sustain wellbeing and flourishing
  • Support members living harmoniously together 
  • Foster civic engagement 
  • Encourage citizen empowerment and participation

We study how the concept of connectedness is essential for promoting community wellbeing and flourishing. 

Liveability + Wellbeing Indicators

A livable community is supported by a sum of factors that add up to the community’s quality of life, including: 

  • Built and natural environments 
  • Sustainable development
  • Social stability
  • Recreation possibilities 
  • Health care services 
  • Housing 
  • Sustainable transportation 
  • Education  
  • Access to culture and the arts
  • Migration and integration

At COSORI we aim to study how any of these factors can be revamped or redesigned to improve the wellbeing goal of community members. 


Health-Care Equity

An equitable community is supported by values of diversity, health equity, social justice, and individual empowerment, where: 

  • Citizens are treated with dignity 
  • Basic human needs are met 
  • There is adequate access to health services  
  • There is equal opportunity for meeting individual potential


Neighbourhood Flourishing

Our research team recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary research as well as cross-cultural collaborations to comprehend the full scope of community wellbeing that is shaped by the social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions of people that are essential for them to flourish and fulfill their full potential. 

Our work on neighbourhood flourishing captures subjective community wellbeing at the neighbourhood level. We are interested in various aspects of neighbourhood flourishing including but not limited to Social feelings (e.g. belonging, respect, trust, support, safety) and Social functionings (e.g. Reciprocity, celebration, engagement, autonomy, resilience, altruism, contribution, optimism, participation).