COSORI Consulting

COSORI Australia team is made up of experienced human service professionals and data experts who are available to organizations tackling today’s challenging societal issues. From advocacy planning to survey distribution and data analysis, our team is available to help you adjust to the ever-changing environment of community health and services. We offer the following services:

Survey Design, Implementation & Analysis
We can work with your organization to better understand the needs of your clients or how they rely on your services. We can do this through the development and distribution of hardcopy and digital surveys, which provide you with the insights you need to make decisions about your programs, services, and next steps.

Focus Group Facilitation
We have extensive experience in learning more about how individuals and organizations view what you do and what they need in a client-focused format.

Needs Assessments
We can leverage data inside and outside your organization to provide you with a sense of issues affecting your clients and the community. We have done this work for large health systems, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations who need this type of analysis to establish multi-year strategic plans.

Compiling Indicators
We pull together relevant, reliable, timely data and information into one place so your organization can find needed information quickly and easily. We help consolidate data into meaningful, actionable insights to help your organization succeed.

Data Aggregation & Analysis
Every organization has data, even if they do not think about it often. We are able to help identify the data you have, the data you need, and what it means.

Environmental Scans
A systems-based approach informs everything we do. As such, it is important that the organizations we work with are empowered with the knowledge they need to know what factors affect their services and the clients who rely on them.

Advocacy Planning
Government has a profound impact on the health and social service field. We have extensive experience working with groups to identify key policy issues, prioritize advocacy activities, and determine how to influence policy makers at all levels of government.

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