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Community well-being is tied to people’s sense of connectedness. Our research starts by asking the question “how can people be more deeply connected to their communities to sustain wellbeing?” We are interested in looking at wellbeing as a holistic and multidimensional concept that means (i) happiness and life satisfaction; (ii) mental and physical health; (iii) meaning and purpose; (iv) character and virtue; and (v) close social relationships.

Our study looks at how connectedness can be fostered by a community’s social networks and meaningful relationships that offer social support, enhance social trust and security, promote quality of life, sustain wellbeing and flourishing, and support members living harmoniously together.

We study how multiple forms of connectedness to people, local community, or objects are essential for promoting community wellbeing and flourishing. We also seek to understand what cultural objects are appropriate for particular contexts and how people in those communities can utilize available cultural and contextual objects to foster a meaningful connection that would have a better wellbeing outcome.

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