About Us



We envision a future where every community is equipped and empowered to flourish. 

Mission statement 

COSORI aims to study and promote the conditions that are essential for community wellbeing and flourishing through nonpartisan research interventions, policy analysis, communications, and advocacy. 

Our Story 

Community Solutions Research Institute (COSORI) was founded in 2020 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic as many communities struggled to deal with the impact of the wide-scale resource loss on health and wellbeing. As a response to the declining rates of wellbeing outcomes and increasing health inequities, the founding director launched COSORI to combat the long-term impact of pandemic-related resource loss on communities around the world. COSORI was founded to serve as a hub for collaborations and connections among community wellbeing scholars, practitioners, and citizens. 


Nonpartisan research promoting community wellbeing and flourishing.

Policy Analysis

Policy design and evaluation to sustain community wellbeing and flourishing .


Speaking and writing on behalf of socially-disadvantaged communities to foster wellbeing.


Knowledge exchange to strengthen partnerships and build new relationships to promote community wellbeing.

Our Process

How our community well-being interventions work

Let us help you create liveable communities that support wellbeing

How do you measure community wellbeing, to begin with? How do you track this over time and at scale to understand the impact of policy and planning decisions on quality of life in your communities?